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November 2010

New logo...new project...new approach...new tools...new equipment...new website! Things are happening at Arundel Nature and Science Centre! Continuing on our pilot project, ANSC has now two teachers on site full time to help yopu plan, schedule, teach and take care of your group's needs.

The science centre is becoming the hub of high tech science with newly acquired technological equipment such as SMART board, Wi-Fi connection, digital microscopes, mini lap tops that can be taken in the field, SPARKS data collecting units to name a few. The centre has also now video conferencing capabilities meaning that we could video conference with your students prior to your visit and do follow ups after your stay… notwithstanding that the world is now at our finger tips. We are thriving to keep the learning alive, engaging and meaningful.

Part of our focus is to keep the students’ active involvement and participation in making ANSC theirs as it has been throughout the years. ANSC wouldn’t be here today in its shape and form had it not been with the legacies that past students groups have left behind. From the tree plantation to the actual existence of the science centre, students have been at the heart of the evolution of ANSC. Therefore we now invite each group who come to Arundel to leave their very own legacy and give back by getting involved in community projects. Here is a sample of what has been achieved:

Arundel Elementary School – Kindergarten class helped “put the garden to bed for the winter”.
Laurentian Elementary School – Library in the woods clean up.
McCaig Elementary School – Trail clean-up on the Biology Trail
Morin-Heights Elementary School – Building of team building equipment “plank skis”
Phoenix Alternative High School – Building of tent platforms

Thank you everyone for helping revive Arundel Nature and Science Centre!