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Additional Related Activities to Pair with Programming


Additional Related Activities

Once you have selected your core learning programmes, you can select one of these outdoor experiences:

Hiking  Exploration - Trail tracking and Leave No Trace practices.

Canoeing Techniques -Dry land training, basic canoe skills and water safety techniques. An excellent team building activity.

Cross-Country Skiing - Ski technique for beginners to advanced skiers we will find a challenge for you.

Mountain biking - Techniques, safety, and challenges of basic mountain biking.

Snowshoeing - Snowshoeing techniques and equipment care


Other possibilities….

  • Remember This - Digital Photography

Techniques, challenges, goal setting, camera care. Learn how to create a video diary or photo journaling, we have the cameras.

Nutrition and menu planning -Importance of nutrition in all outdoor and physical pursuits, planning a well-balanced menu for an outdoor cookout (health and wellbeing)

Outdoor cookout and techniques - The outdoor kitchen, stoves, installation, techniques

Dressing for Success - How to enjoy the outdoors begins with a lesson in learning about the science behind being properly dressed to maximize safety and comfort in the outdoors.

Survival scenarios - Students are faced with several survival scenarios in which they have to prepare and answer various questions and complete different tasks in order to successfully «survive»

Quinzhee building - Techniques and building of an emergency winter shelter

Risk management and basic first aid - Evaluation and assessment of risk in outdoor pursuits and basic first aid (cold injuries, sun injuries, transportation of victims, blisters, burns and sprains)

Water:  - A science exploration (pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature and comparative data,

conductivity properties and related teachings)

Water borne diseases and water purification - Various water borne diseases will be discussed and identified and various water purification techniques will be explored and compared