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About Us

The Arundel Nature & Science Centre is unique within the Quebec educational community. Originally used as a tree farm for teaching young people about forestry, the centre has been part of the educational experience of several generations of young Quebecers. While it has gone through several shifts in focus, it has always remained dedicated to outdoor education and the natural sciences.

In recent years, the centre has been re-imagined as part of an ambitious renewal project. Among the improvements, we now offer dynamic and engaging activities for our visitors. Students participate in 21st century learning through a diversity of themes, ranging from leadership to astronomy. All of these programs are delivered by experienced educators and supported by state-of-the-art equipment.
At the Arundel Nature & Science Centre, students reconnect with nature while learning about the natural world and themselves.



Environmental Stewardship

The centre offers an ideal setting for students to become ecologically and environmentally literate. Through our programs, students gain a greater insight into the importance and fragility of the Earth’s environment. This is a crucial part of any 21st century education.


Leadership is at the core of all ANSC learning and an important part of basic life skills fostering self-esteem.  Students are encouraged through team building games, initiative tasks and thought provoking discussions to develop their sense of self.  By fostering an atmosphere which encourages students to think for themselves, cooperate with others, working effectively in a group and reflecting on their actions, they begin to develop the necessary skills to interact positively within a community.

Outdoor Education

The ANSC educators bring to their programs a wealth of outdoor skill experience. Visitors to our centre can engage in a variety of outdoor pursuits such as hiking, mountain biking, canoeing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and orienteering. Students can also learn vital survival skills, wilderness first‐aid, how to use navigation technology and much more.


The great Canadian outdoors provides many opportunities to interact with nature and the environment and, in doing so, learn exciting scientific concepts and ecological accountability. Naturally, a large number of these activities focus on biology while others allow students to learn chemistry and physics concepts in an outdoor context. The educational focus combines an outdoor exploration with an indoor analysis where students are challenged to reflect on and apply their new knowledge to expand their global awareness.